Seven warning signs that your corporate blog is neglected

June 5, 2012

By: Rachel
So you have a corporate blog. Kudos to you. But that's only step one. If your blog falls victim to any of the seven warning signs below, it may be time to re-evaluate your process.
1. Your last post was two months ago. Frequent updates – at least eight to 10 per month – result in higher traffic. Check out the best posting times and stick to a schedule for optimal engagement.
2.You don't have company news updates or comments on industry news. A blog is a great vehicle to promote company announcements – whether it's a new hire or a product update. It also presents an opportunity for companies and their executives to demonstrate their expertise.
3.There's little to no reader engagement. Make it a priority to encourage engagement. You can derive valuable information and feedback from readers from which you can evaluate, measure and redirect your blogging efforts. Try asking a direct question at the end of each blog for readers to answer.
4. Comments aren't answered. Readers are turned off by bloggers or companies that don't respond in a timely matter. Be sure to thoroughly answer any questions, clarify any confusion, and respond to feedback, and you will create meaningful conversations.
5.There's no SEO. If you put in the work to manage a blog, you should be sure to optimize it to get the best bang for your buck. Identify and use the top keywords to attract your target audience, but exercise restraint and maintain a human voice.
6. Posts aren't promoted through all possible channels. Make your posts as shareable as possible, with buttons for readers to share directly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and other networks. Make sure you publicize each post on all the channels your company has a presence, and encourage employees to do so, as well.
7.The purpose of the blog isn't clear. What goal are you looking to achieve through blogging? Do you want to drive sales? Engage customers? Announce company news and product development? Define your goals and come up with the best blogging approach. Most importantly, the blog should align with overall corporate messaging and strategies.

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