By Kathryn
Have you noticed the increase in webinar invitations in your in-box lately? I receive several a day from various companies, my clients, their competitors and media groups. However, promoting webinars with the media and analyst communities is a little different than your traditional marketing efforts.
The initial purpose of a webinar might be to introduce a new partner integration, or launch a new product or service, or to educate the industry via a method that provides everyone with the same information at the same time. For news announcements, webinars save valuable time over individual briefings and help avoid the risk of a media outlet breaking a story before other publications. For example, FalconStor Software (our client) launched an automated disaster recovery solution, RecoverTrac, through an online event with a short product demo.
Webinars are also a great way to demonstrate market and thought leadership. Take Eze Castle Integration (our client); the company offers webinars frequently to educate its market about due diligence, cloud computing and how to launch a hedge fund, to name a few topics. The partners and experts that Eze Castle secures for the webinars are always top notch and full of insight for the audience.
In cases of product launches or industry education, the goal is to drive attendance. How can PR promote these events?

  • Personalize your invitation to each reporter, editor or analyst. And don't invite them to every single webinar you have.
  • Target only those who have a clear interest in the topic.
  • Give plenty of notice. Send the invitation at least a week before the event.
  • Build on a client's reputation and leadership. Eze Castle, for example, has a track record of high-quality, informative webinars, and industry and vertical markets know it.
  • Turn refusals to your advantage. If a target turns you down on a webinar invitation, offer a one-on-one briefing.
  • Make the webinar work for you even after it ends. Post the presentation to the company website, YouTube and other social media sites.
  • Follow up with those reporters who attended with a link to the recorded event as they may use it for background in future articles.

If your company were to have a webinar, how would you promote it? What are your methods for driving media and analyst attendance?

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