PR Tips for Tech Startups

February 16, 2011

Working with B2B startup companies is sometimes like teaching a child how to read. There are times when you feel frustrated by the fact that they don't always understand how listening to you will benefit them, but the final rewards for the effort are great and long-lasting.

Here are some important tips for launching a tech startup:

  1. Have a story and a good spokesperson to tell it. If you can't talk about how your company is going to affect the industry, then you should consider delaying your launch until you're ready.
  2. Know your goal. Is your goal to create awareness for your company and product? To generate leads? Drive traffic to the site? Position yourself as a thought leader? All of the above? Know what it is from the start.
  3. Know your competitors' and market value.The biggest frustration we see from our analyst and media contacts is when a new startup says, “We are the only ones that do this in the industry.” Of course you're not. Know whose technology is similar, how you differ and what your market value is in comparison.
  4. Secure customer validation. This isn't always possible, but it's a big plus if you can get it. Launching into the market with confirmation immediately sets you ahead of other companies that have been in the market longer.
  5. Finalize company and product background materials. If your goal is leads or sales, you better be ready to provide information on your website.
  6. Optimize your site for search engines. If you're going to create content and publicly launch, you want to be found. Optimizing your site with keywords will help you get found online.
  7. Know your limitations. If you don't have it, don't say you have it. If you can't provide it, don't say you can.
  8. Work with a marketing or PR resource that can help. It's important and valuable to have a guide that can help you through each one of these stages and execute and strategize effectively to help you achieve your goals.

If you're a startup, what other PR and marketing challenges have you faced?

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