PR Lessons from American Idol Contestant Casey Abrams

April 14, 2011

By Caroline
Some say he is a Seth Rogen look alike. Others say he resembles Teen Wolf. But to some American Idol fans, he is the biggest shock on season 10 thus far.
For those who don't watch the show (and don't have an office pool on who will win), let me fill you in.
Casey Abrams was slated as one of America's favorites. He has 48,416 Twitter followers and stayed out of the bottom three for weeks. J-Lo even called him, "sexy." But a few weeks ago, Ryan Seacrest announced that Casey received the fewest number of votes and was poised to get sent home. The judges used their one and only save to keep Casey in the competition and he's been safe ever since.
We can learn some lessons from this experience, including:

  1. Stick with your brand. From the beginning, Casey was coined as the funny guy and the singer with the soft growl. Early on in the season, he tried to mix it up and maybe even took it too far by performing Nirvana. Maintaining consistency is essential to building brand loyalty.
  2. Connect with your audience. Bravo on the Twitter followers, but engagement is the key to success. It would be great to see Casey interact with his fans because they want to hear from him.
  3. Know your audience and understand what they want. The average American likes familiarity. Casey can sing songs that people (i.e. voters) know while at the same time, picking one that suits his style and voice.
  4. Don't take success for granted. In a competition like Idol, contestants can be on top one week and then in the bottom the next. With that kind of swing, there is no room for egos, but it's important to know who you are and stick to it. If your audience loves you they will love you for who you are and will continue to follow you.

Is anyone else out there as dedicated to Idol this season as we are at Metis? Who are you rooting for?

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