PR 101 for Startups and Emerging Companies

January 6, 2011

We work with lots of tech startups and emerging companies, which means we work with lots of creative and experienced C-level executives that are focused on the technology and business but sometimes new to PR and marketing. Not only can we feel the passion and entrepreneurial spirit they have for their businesses, but we also feed off their enthusiasm for marketing and PR and the results we deliver.

At Metis, we find it rewarding to launch a company from scratch and work with it until acquisition or IPO – a task that not all agencies would take on because of the education process required.

These are some of the questions and comments we frequently hear and love answering, since it gives us a chance to build PR 101 into the startup process:

  • Why can't we put out a press release every day of the month?
  • Why do we need customers to speak with the media? What we say is validating enough.
  • Thought leadership? Bah. Every media, blogger and analyst should want to speak with us about our product because it is great.
  • Wait, you want a byline article for that publication? Is that something I have to pay for? Will I need to work with the advertising contact myself?

Sometimes, executives want everyone to hear their product and company messages, but don't understand how to make that to happen. These organizations need a PR and marketing firm that rounds out their team and mirrors its passion. Both sides in this effort are essential, since it takes a little bit from the client and the agency to get the results everyone wants: awareness, leads and sales. Whatever the specific goal, this relationship is an education, a science, a strategy and, most importantly, a team effort that is worth building well.

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