Oh Twitter, Help Us Protest a Presidential Election

June 18, 2009

by Melissa
The pervasiveness of Twitter has gotten even crazier the last few days. Is this the beginning of the “Electronic Revolution” as heard on NPR just this morning? As we watch the Iranian election news unfold, protesters are updating the world through Twitter and I keep thinking how powerful this social medium has really become. It's insane and admirable at the same time. Insane in the way it is clearly overtaking the world, and admirable because it was invented and implemented without a business plan attached. (Not a knock on Twitter's founders, just reality.) The fact that the U.S. State Department, who usually doesn't take an interest in start-ups, talked Twitter into delaying a network upgrade that was scheduled for Monday night to protect the interests of Iranians using the service to protest the presidential election, is baffling. Mashable is even reporting that there are 221,744 tweets per hour from Iran at peak. And, not only that, but while the front pages of the Iranian newspapers were blank where censors had whited-out news stories, Twitter was delivering information from the streets, in complete real time. Sad, but great. See my previous post on “Is Free Content King in Journalism?” Well, it is now. And, if the journalism world doesn't adapt – well, forget it.
We're up to our eyeballs in Tweets in every way. Twitter is monitoring every human process that takes place during a global crisis. Speaking of managing all this interaction, check out our client ActionBase. They manage processes between individuals at organizations in Microsoft Outlook to help them stay compliant. How about a product that manages and controls your Tweets for compliance reasons in organizations? I'm waiting…

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