Office Drinking Jumpstarts PR Creativity

June 28, 2012

“Captured here: Metis took a break from dominating the world of PR for a quick game of flip cup.”
By: Erin
Do you need more creativity and entertainment in your office? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right blog. A recent study led by a team of brilliant minds at the University of Illinois set out to correlate the effects of mild intoxication on creative problem solving.
To prove the hypothesis that creativity and moderate amounts of alcohol coincide, the research team split a group of 40 participants into two groups. The first group was not allowed any alcohol, and the second group drank a quantity of vodka that equaled the alcohol level of two pints of beer. Next, all participants performed a standard test of insightful thinking called the Remote Associates Test, which asks participants to find a link between three words. The three words are presented on each round of test questions (coin, quick, spoon) and the aim is to identify the one word that best fits these three (silver). This research study shows that participants with higher working memory capacity often perform worse at this task because they persist with pursuing lines of thought triggered by misleading words. So, the more you drink, the more creative you become.
The key finding from the test indicates that the intoxicated participants solved more items than the control group. They solved 58 percent of 15 items on average compared to 42 percent average success achieved by the controlled participants. The intoxicated group also solved items more quickly (11.54 seconds per item versus 15.24 seconds).
If you want to spice up your office's next brainstorming session or simply need to rejuvenate from the typical day-to-day grind, grab a beer or a vodka soda and get creative.
How does your office get the creative ideas flowing?

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