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October 29, 2015
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By: Courtney
If you want to get a feel for how many hours we spend on our smartphones, you don’t have to look much further than your commute into or out of work. Whether you’re sitting in your car at a red light, riding the subway or walking down the street, chances are good that someone near you is looking down at his phone. One out of every five minutes we all spend on that activity is devoted to scrolling our Instagram and Facebook feeds (according to Facebook), and it’s easy to see how Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks could take up at least one more out of every five minutes we’re passing with our phones.
Consumers are heavily engaged on these platforms via their mobile devices (and on other devices, too). They want to share, share, share their images with the world, and that’s a huge opportunity for brands with customers who love them. Companies are creating contests, hashtags and campaigns to make it easy and fun for consumers to share visual user-generated content (UGC). Helping marketers inspire and amplify consumer love for their brands by tapping into UGC and the power of native advertising is the mission of one of our newest clients, Offerpop.
Offerpop’s UGC platform helps brands engage consumers in interesting, authentic ways and drive UGC creation at scale to maximize return on existing digital channel investments. Its customers can collect user permissions, moderate submissions, tag products and aggregate content into curated galleries they can leverage via mobile, websites, email, digital, print and TV ads. The platform supports the entire marketing organization, creating a greater volume of high-quality, on-brand UGC.
By including this trustworthy, authentic content in its marketing, a brand can drastically improve click-through rates, conversions and sales – and these programs’ ROI can be monitored with Offerpop’s conversion tracking features. Finally, this social data can help created nuanced profiles of a brand’s most highly engaged fans and customers, so companies can segment and target their audiences via email, social or other advertising.
According to a Nielsen study, 92 percent of consumers trust online content from friends and family above all other forms of brand messaging, and they trust strangers second most. Offerpop’s visual UGC marketing software-as-a-service platform powers brand engagement with mobile and social consumers via pictures, videos, tweets, pins, reviews, testimonials, posts and more. With leading enterprises and agencies among its growing customer base, Offerpop is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.
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