Music to our ears: Three marketing tips from the 2015 Grammy Awards

March 3, 2015

As an avid follower of popular culture, I view the Grammy Awards as a favorite event to watch, from the red carpet to the performances to the winners and the after-parties. As I watched the 2015 event, I couldn’t help but think of how the Grammys can offer marketing tips and best practices to professionals beyond the music industry. Below are three marketing lessons to consider from the Grammys—and don’t worry, rushing the stage when you’re unhappy with an award recipient a la Kanye West is not a best practice.

  1. Combine old with new to create engaging content: The Grammys paired performers you wouldn’t think of as necessarily making sense together for unique musical celebrations and experiences. These partnerships made for an exciting show. Annie Lenox performed with Hosier, Jessie J performed with Tom Jones, and Rihanna and Kanye West performed with Paul McCartney. In the same way, think about how you can remix your existing e-books and white papers with fresh content to turn it into something brand new and exciting, like a SlideShare or infographic.
  2. Get your audiences talking: What made the Grammys award show a success and an event for viewers beyond just the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the music industry was the buzz the show was able to garner on social media with various hashtags and handles. The Grammys encouraged recording artists, fans, producers and beyond to be part of the conversation, resulting in #Grammys2015 being a trending topic well into the Monday after the show. In the same way, encourage your constituents—partners, employees and customers alike—to participate in the social chatter about the topics your company cares about, whether that’s selfies in the break room or the keynote presentation at a tradeshow your partners are attending.
  3. Award the innovators: The Grammy awards are all about giving recognition to the biggest contributors to the industry. In the same way, B2B companies should also be giving out recognition in blog shout outs, social media mentions or case studies to their partners and customers who are being innovative in their use of the company’s products or services. What’s more, companies should also bestow this honor on their own team members. Doing so will instill good will and inspire other employees, partners and customers to be creative in their approaches.

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