Music Nights are the Best Nights

August 4, 2009

by Sully
We've had outstanding musical talent pass through the doors of J.J. Foley's in the past seven months. Beginning in January, we started inviting local artists to perform on the last Thursday of every month, on a year the South End establishment is celebrating its 100th year in business. Starting in September, we will make free, live music a more regular staple at Foley's – now inviting local musicians in every other Thursday.
The artists have provided the South End community with exceptional live music, so we hope you check out each of them in their own right – whether it be by supporting an upcoming gig or listening to their music online.
This past Thursday, July 30, was one of our best yet. Matthew James is a true talent, from Newport, RI, who impressed us all with his command of the lyrical acoustic sets of acts like Ray LaMontagne, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and more. We hope to have Matthew back as soon as possible, for our own listening pleasure. Check him out on Facebook.
One of our biggest bills was Ryan Fitzsimmons. Originally from New York, Ryan has dominated the Providence, RI scene, and is set to overtake Boston and the rest of New England. Playing at the Newport Folk Festival in 2008, Ryan shared the stage with some big names like Jimmy Buffett, Cat Power and the Black Crowes, and proved it with an outstanding set of originals from his album, as well as a foray of covers. We especially appreciated his on-the-spot tribute to Michael Jackson on the day he passed away. Check out Ryan's impressive resume and find an upcoming act to check him out immediately!
Ryan Fitzsimmons
We kicked off the summer with a little reggae… Can you blame us? Snatching up the vocal stylings of Rho, a member of the local reggae rock band Dreadrocks, we welcomed the warm months with easy-listening acoustic songs accompanied by bongo drums. Rho set the mood for the summer with covers from all our favorite Marley brothers and impressed us with his own log of reggae songs. Be sure to support his various local acts. You won't be disappointed. They have frequent appearances at Boston colleges and universities, bars and restaurants.
local reggae rock band
A reoccurring favorite at J.J. Foley's Music Night is the instrumental band, the Bar Flies. Headlined by guitarist George Chinaglia, the Boston band frequently has various vocal accompaniments that awe and wow us when paired with the exceptional beats and rhythms of the band. These guys simply love to rock out, and we can always appreciate a good jam session. The Bar Flies frequent local bars like Solas in the Back Bay, so be sure to look for them around town.
J.J. Foley's Music Night
We could never neglect to mention our first act, one that we keep close to our hearts: Mike Silvious and Aaron Burman - local Northeastern grads who took their famed gig to Foley's, who normally played at parties and NU-area watering holes. These two really set the stage for what was to be a great year of music - they filled the room with awesome sing-a-longs and covers, jam sessions, laughs and even a tribute song to Metis. Mike and Aaron set the standard for J.J. Foley's Music Night and we thank them for initiating such a fun night.
foleys music night
We are constantly on the lookout for new bands and artists. Any suggestions? Email

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