Middle school, Mexican food and reality TV: 5 marketing lessons from unlikely sources

December 8, 2016

I was formally trained as a middle-school educator - specifically, a science teacher. In the process of teaching, I learned some crucial lessons in marketing. I'm not sure how much time you have personally spent with 12-year olds, but let me tell you: they’re a tough crowd when you’re selling the idea that photosynthesis really cool. Cool enough to warrant a lab activity, rather than discussing Tina’s new boyfriend or playing another round of “bounce the paper football off John’s head.”

As a teacher, my students taught me the importance of knowing your audience, preparing for everything always, employing visuals, using the right words at the right time and maintaining consistency. Today, each of these lessons applies to my work in marketing and PR.

I’m also not the only Metis team member drawing marketing lessons from unlikely sources. Below, check out some industry insights inspired by cab rides, weddings, takeout orders and TV.

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