Metis welcomes Package Concierge to the client family

March 6, 2014

When you live in the city, student housing or in any residential building, it’s not unusual to arrive home at night to see packages on the doorstep or in the common area. A typical 250-unit apartment community has more than 20,000 packages delivered each year. That’s more than 50 packages per day, and the number is climbing as online shopping proliferates. That’s a strain on apartment community staff, who spend 20 hours or more each week simply managing package deliveries, storage and retrieval. If you’re like any other tenant, questions come to mind. Is this package really safe? Is there a way for me to know when this arrived because I just got back from vacation? Can my packaged be picked up here but remain safe because of its valuable contents? Well, the answer is here.
Metis recently started working with Package Concierge, a developer of a package locker solution for apartment and student housing communities, to help spread the word about the need for these systems in Boston and around the United States.  This week, the company announced that apartment complexes and property management firms around the United States are using the company’s secure, digital locker system to give residents better options for delivery, storage and retrieval of packages. Recent surveys show that access to packages is the second most popular amenity among apartment residents, just behind fitness centers, and we’re looking forward to helping Package Concierge raise awareness for its solutions.
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