Metis Takes on Fenway

September 20, 2012

By: Gabi
From my experience at Northeastern University, I truly understand the idea of “work hard, play hard.” However, I severely underestimated the Metis take on this common phrase - until our 2012 summer outing. Though I have enjoyed every event I've attended with the Metis team, this summer's outing has been my favorite, hands down.
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The Metis annual summer event started out with a trip to Yard House, a new Boston addition just a block away from Fenway. After placing our large order, we miraculously found two empty tables right next to each other, and quickly claimed our ground. We filled up both of those tables with delicious appetizers; well, at least for a short while.
When we decided we had eaten enough, we rounded up the troops and marched our way to Fenway. After a short photo shoot, we entered the stadium to the typical Red Sox crowd: energetic, hopeful, and loud. We joined in on the fun right away. The Metis team took part in the (unfortunately) unsuccessful wave, grabbed some helmet sundaes, and circled the stadium to take in all of the excitement.
Though we didn't purchase any peanuts or Cracker Jacks, we rooted for the home team while enjoying the perfect weather and awesome company.
What did you do for your summer outing this year?

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