Metis Co-founder Courtney Hurst talks to HuffPo about entrepreneurship

May 26, 2015

Our female clients are often asked to comment on the hot topic of women in business, and one of our co-founders recently shared her own views on this popular theme with the Huffington Post.
Metis co-founder Courtney Hurst has a work-hard-play-hard attitude, which has helped shape Metis’ company culture, infusing the office with a camaraderie that inspires creative, innovative solutions for our clients. An entrepreneur from a young age, Courtney started out selling seashells in her hometown of Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod, an experience that inspired a lifelong love of business. Branching out into the restaurant world, Courtney worked as a waitress throughout high school and college before becoming a restaurant owner herself, and eventually wrote two books before founding Metis 10 years ago with Co-founder Cathy Atkins.
The Huffington Post recently featured Courtney in a Q & A on its Women in Business blog series by Laura Dunn. When asked her best advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs, Courtney said, “Don't think of being a woman as you start your own business.” Thinking too much about obstacles can end up being counterproductive, eventually decreasing your effectiveness as a leader. Focus on your end goals,  Courtney says in the piece, and listen to your gut.
You can read Courtney’s entire interview in the Huffington Post.

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