MassChallenge shows startup community how to diversify

June 29, 2015

We’ve heard that the summer months slow down for most businesses, but so far for the startup community in Boston, that doesn’t seem to be true. Between the impressive showcase at Boston Tech Jam, plenty of funding and new launches what feels like every day, none of the entrepreneurs around here seem to have any plans for a mid-year vacation.
Read up on some of the top stories the Boston ecosystem has seen over the last week.
BetaBoston: We-Consent dating app takes “yes” for an answer
This one is a little bit edgier than some people seem to like. With the ongoing problems of sexual assault, particularly on college campuses, this app developer is aiming to ensure that even the “hook-up culture” of students today promotes safety and respect for all parties involved. This particular offering records official consent, but Apple isn’t a fan of that businesslike approach and is refusing to offer the app in its marketplace.
Boston Globe: Daring to start a business when you’re over 50
While many associate the typical startup entrepreneur with a Mark Zuckerberg-esque image, that standard may be changing. Nearly 25 percent of founders are ages 55 to 63, but there are pros and cons for this new demographic taking the startup plunge. While these individuals often have more capital and experience to put toward their endeavors, they also have fewer years to recover and adjust if things go wrong. It’s a fine line, but points to the risk-takers out there, young and old.
BostInno: An International Tech Competition Aims to Lure Awesome Local Companies to Britain
I’m conflicted on this one. The 3rd annual GREAT Tech Awards are about to get going, but it’s the first year Boston companies can get in on the action. This is good because it’s the chance for our local businesses to get the recognitions and resources they deserve…but it’s bad because then they might abandon us for London town. The winners get all kinds of perks, including roundtrip flights, business services such as legal and financial support from London firms, and tickets to a top London tech event. I assume this is how parents feel when their kids go off to college. Good for you, but also, why do you hate us?
BetaBoston: MassChallenge, world’s largest startup accelerator, works to diversify
No conflict on this one – two thumbs up. Led by Damon Cox of The Boston Foundation, MassChallenge is working to add some diversity to its ranks. One of the first programs toward this goal includes a “boot camp” of the MassChallenge program that’s specifically for 10 businesses led by minority founders. They’re already seeing some great development, and we’re looking forward to seeing this company continue to pave the way and lead by example.
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