Martech and sales tech ARE all the rage; Metis brings on four new clients

September 19, 2017

As a marketing and sales leader today, you better know a thing or two about data. And, you better have the tools to be able to provide the right data to move your business forward. According to Molly Moriarty at Metis client Crimson Hexagon, CMOs will spend more in 2017 than CIOs. In fact, CMOs are doing this by building a marketing stack based on holistic-driven data strategies that provide the right personalized data, according to another long-term Metis client, SundaySky.

We appreciate the path these clients are taking as they leverage our expertise in the martech industry (and also the sales tech market), and will continue to add new and emerging companies to our roster that are looking to disrupt the marketing stack.

In the last few months, Metis has welcomed Boston-based Zaius, a B2C CRM provider; Highrise, a simple CRM provider for small businesses; Instant Magazine, a digital publishing platform; and Chorus, an AI provider that records, transcribes and analyzes sales calls for more effective selling. (Highrise, like earlier Metis client Know Your Company, is a spin-off of another Metis client, Basecamp.)

These wins are important to us for a few reasons:

  1. They help us build our growing martech and sales tech practice on top of years of experience in the space. (Avention, which was recently acquired by Dunn & Bradstreet; Insightly; EchoSign, acquired by Adobe; and Convertro, acquired by AOL – to name a few).

  2. They allow us to learn, adopt and stay on top of these ever-changing markets, which sets us ahead of other agencies. 

Our integrated approach to marketing programs includes much more than traditional PR practices, which sets our clients apart. It hasn’t been enough for years to make media relations the sole priority. That’s why we employ a small, smart, senior, nimble marketing and content team that allows us to make the right strategic recommendations for our clients. This combines the likes of martech tools to gather data, test audiences and practices, and help clients realize what they should be focusing on quickly.

That’s hard to do with a larger agency that doesn’t understand your business, how to maneuver around it or how to provide ongoing value.

Do you want to know how we can extend your marketing team? 

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