Journalist Tips for Public Relations Success

November 24, 2010

By Kathryn
Advice comes from all sources. Whether it's from friends and family in our personal lives to coworkers, partner and the media in PR, all of it matters. It's whether you take it and become successful is the true test. In fact, two journalists I follow closely recently posted tips on launching new products and companies. Many of their points echo the counsel we give our clients here at Metis.
Jean-Jacques Maleval, editor of Storage Newsletter, recently told PR pros in his Editor's Message to Public Relations to keep it simple and avoid certain “ecstatic” words within press releases. His “all-new,” “comprehensive” list of these “premier” words, which we are all guilty of using sometimes, includes “cutting-edge,” “innovative” and “world-class.” Maleval suggests announcements be “rock solid,” “phenomenal” and “tightly integrated” with company messaging – and free of overused clichés – prior to release.
And Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe columnist, provided a list of suggestions within his Innovation Economy column: Generating Buzz for Your Venture: 43 Bits of Free Advice from Entrepreneurs, PR Peeps and Journos. He gives some good advice for launching your company or product or announcing funding. His tips, similar to many we espouse, can be boiled down into three words: trust, truth and relationships. You need to build trusting relationships with journalists, and the way to do that is by telling the truth and by delivering what you promise.
This is the core of Kirsner, Maleval and Metis' advice: Words matter. Truth matters. Don't talk to journalists in a way that undermines your intelligence or theirs.

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