IT Admins, Moms and Other Mission-Critical Leaders

December 20, 2010

By Kathryn
My kids constantly bombard me with the question, “Where is my…?” And, of course, I am supposed to immediately locate the toy, book or other item. As a mom, I am much like an IT administrator who is expected to know where every bit of data is stored. But the pressure on the IT administrator might be even greater; he better be able to retrieve that data instantly, or he faces problems bigger than any child's tantrum.
However, in today's virtual world, locating that data is sometimes easier said than done. Previously, IT could physically point to a server or a location where the data might be located. Now, it's out in cyber space. Without virtualization mapping, management and other solutions, IT plays a guessing game at where information is located within their network. Working with data center clients such as FalconStor, Embotics, VM6 Software and Correlsense, I have a solid grasp of the various technologies available to solve virtualization challenges. The increased adoption of server, storage and desktop virtualization technologies, management tools and transaction tracking solutions for mapping these environments are propelled by IT managers who want to make their work lives easier. I know a toy-tracking or mapping solution would make my home life easier!
By living and breathing the aspects of the virtual and data center worlds of my clients and within the realm of public relations, I have insight into how these solutions work together, how ideas build off of each other and how to find the right answer and the right contact for a journalist covering this space. With this versatility, knowledgebase and focus on the data center industry, I and the data center team at Metis provide a creative, innovative approach for each client.
Creativity is essential for both online media relations and motherhood. Turning simple household items such as bottle caps, paper towel rolls and fabric scraps into a rainy day craft project to building a pitch based on industry tidbit or turning an opportunity for one client into something for every client is key to PR success. Where others might see nothing in these items, moms see a great rainy day craft. Where other firms might see no “hook,” Metis sees opportunity, because our team is schooled in the building the narrative first.
As we wrap up 2010, the Metis team and I are discussing what lies ahead in 2011 for the virtual world – what new technologies and topics will be big and the creative ideas we can hatch from these trends. I don't see an inventive solution coming out to help moms manage their home “data,” but IT administrators will be better off. It looks like 2011 will bring plenty of new virtual product offerings.
What are your thoughts on the next big trends in virtualization? What is important to your company in 2011?

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