Interview tips for new managers

March 10, 2015

The future growth and stability of a company lies in management’s hands to hire the “right” candidates. When hiring managers bring in the “wrong” candidates, they lose the company’s money and delay its growth.

Managers who are new to the interview process are more likely to make poor hiring decisions, so here are 10 interview tips to help you find the right new hires:

  1. Pre-screen.
    Phone interviews are an effective way to pre-screen candidates. This saves you time and money, and allows you to gather more information about candidates before they come in for interviews.
  2. Remember that qualified candidates have options.
    Qualified candidates are most likely exploring all of their options by interviewing elsewhere, so remember it’s as important for the candidate to like you and your organization as it is for you to think she is a good fit. Sell yourself and the organization appropriately without taking the attention and focus away from your candidate.
  3. Be prepared.
    Strong candidates spend a great amount of time researching your company, the position for which they are applying, and your background. Just because you are conducting the interview doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework, as well. Prepare for the interview; become familiar with the candidate’s cover letter, recommendations, resume, and any other materials he submitted to better his position.
  4. Maintain a judgment-free zone.
    It may be easy to form an opinion of someone based on your first impression, but keep an open mind; focus on the candidate’s resume, qualifications and the interview process. Every candidate deserves to be evaluated on an equal playing field, so don’t cloud your judgment with unfounded first impressions.
  5. Being friendly goes a long way.
    A comfortable environment will put your candidate at ease and allow her to open up. Try starting with a friendly conversation and then move to easier interview questions to get your candidate talking. This can be beneficial for both sides.
  6. Staff interviews with multiple employees.
    Allow other team members to interview the candidate. This will give candidates greater insight into the environment of the company, and they’ll gain an understanding of day-to-day operations. Staff members can then report back to the hiring manager with their notes, impressions and opinions on the candidates.
  7. Be specific.
    Create specific questions for each candidate based on her credentials while keeping a stockpile of questions to ask all candidates in order to evaluate them on an equal scale. Ask for examples and situations that relate to the position for which they are applying.
  8. Note the candidate’s questions.
    You will be able to tell how interested a candidate is based upon his questions. Is he asking generic questions that were already covered in the interview? Does he show an interest in your answers?
  9. Tell your story.
    You’re the brand ambassador. Impress the candidate with your enthusiasm about the company and growth potential.
  10. End strong.
    Show your appreciation and thank candidates for their time and interest. Be specific about when they will hear from you next, and be sure to give your business card so they can reach out to you with any questions that may arise. This also presents the opportunity for the candidate to write you a follow-up email.

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