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September 4, 2012

A huge proponent of the co-op experience, Metis is always eager to speak to students, especially those involved in Northeastern University's PR club NUPRSSA, about what the field is really like. Many of these students will soon be out doing co-op jobs similar to my experience at Metis. Judging by how excited the students were to ask questions, I know they learned a lot. Here are the key lessons I've learned:

  1. Find an environment you like. This applies to any job, regardless of the industry. In PR, people often work in teams, so it's necessary that team members feel comfortable and trust each other.
  2. Get a mentor. Without a mentor, a new job can be hard. It's important to find someone who has experience and is willing to share it.
  3. Stay organized. PR is fast-paced, so to-do lists are necessary. It's hard to keep track of every email that comes in; set up reminders as soon as a project is assigned. This will ensure that you're on schedule.
  4. Do your research. There are multiple kinds of PR. For example, working in tech is vastly different from dealing with consumer accounts. Research the industries in which you're most interested to get a feel for what a job in that sector will be like.
  5. Learn how to multi-task. Anything can happen in PR, so it's important to be able to multi-task. It's not unusual to have to drop something to draft a press release or track down an editor. Get used to the shuffle, but don't forget about your other priorities.

Students should be confident and ready to learn when starting a job. For those who have experience, what advice do you have for students who are ready to enter the working world?

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