HubSpot’s Five Food Groups for Healthy Blog Content

December 3, 2011

By: Erin
Earlier this year I attended HubSpot's User Group Summit (HUGS2011) in Boston. My favorite session was led by former New York Times Journalist-Turned-AdSense-Google-King-Turned-HubSpot-Content-Preacher Rick Burnes. His session, “Taking Content Creation to the Next Level” combined humor and innovative ideas to illustrate how blog owners can make their content shine.
The takeaways that most resonated with me was the idea that trying lots of things works well. Rick provided the five blogging food groups everyone should remember when serving readers a healthy portion of blog content.
The Try Lots of Things Diet:
1) Raisin Bran content: The basic, everyday content that you can dish out quickly

2) Spinach content: The stuff that's good for you, even if it's difficult to chew

  • Breaks ground, makes people think
  • Establishes you as a thought leader in the industry
  • Ideas that you put time into
  • Don't overdo these posts

3) Roasts – The valuable, time-consuming projects that leave your guests begging for more

4) Chocolate cake content – Everyone wants a second piece of this sweet treat

5) Tabasco content – Sometimes you just need a little fire on the tongue

  • Declares a bold statement
  • Includes lots of links
  • Be prepared to defend yourself
  • Don't do too many of these as you might lose trust

Everyone needs a balanced diet, even organizational blogs. How do you create this healthy, active blogging lifestyle? MIX IT UP. Rick recommends experimenting with different blogging styles and determining what works best for your company. No matter your blogging level, it's always a good idea to incorporate as many of the blogging food groups into your monthly calendar as possible.

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