How to Work with a PR Firm

January 20, 2011

By Melissa
In my last post, I discussed how Metis works with many C-level executives who are focused on the technology and business, but who are sometimes new to the promotion side of the house. Others might think this is a challenge, but this is our passion at Metis. We believe in these startups and emerging companies, we invest in taking the time to educate them and we become their true arms and legs, so that they can rely on us as the partner they need to succeed as a business. We make our internal marketing executives look like superheroes. Yes, we do.
As we head into 2011, we plan on talking to a lot more companies that need a partner like Metis to help with their promotional needs. During these conversations, I'll draw from my top five list of high-level advice for internal marketing professionals working with PR firms:

  1. Clearly outline all internal challenges from the start of your relationship with your PR firm. It's important to be honest and let them know what they will encounter and how this contributes to your overall success as a team.
  2. Discuss your overall business and marketing objectives. How can your PR and marketing team help you meet these goals? Craft a monthly or quarterly plan that details this and meet monthly to make sure these goals are being met.
  3. If you have news that is big and you truly believe it's significant industry news, give your firm at least two weeks to prepare. Time, planning and preparation lead to great results.
  4. Work with a PR or marketing firm because you want to work with them and see great results. If you don't have time to review content, give feedback and help your team succeed, then hold off until you have the resources.
  5. Listen to your firm's advice and ask for it. We're here for a reason. If you don't trust your PR or marketing firm, then you're probably not working with the right one.

What other advice would you suggest when working with PR and marketing firms?

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