How to tweet like a movie trailer

October 29, 2013

By: Elizabeth
So, you're pushing interesting, valuable content on Twitter, but no one seems to be paying attention. It might be time to try going for what we like to call “curiosity clicks.” What exactly do we mean by that? Think back to the last movie trailer you saw that really made you want to see the film it was advertising. For me, it was the trailer for “Gravity.” It intrigued me so much I paid $25.00 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to sit in a dark, crammed theater beside a suspicious-smelling individual just to find out what on Earth (or space, in this case) would happen to Sandra Bullock. You can get followers to click on the links you tweet the same way the “Gravity” trailer got me to the show:
1. Don't give away the good stuff. A trailer would never give away the ending of a movie, and you should never sum up the whole point of the content in your tweet. If you do, no one will bother to explore further.

2. Baffle them a little. I was as thrown off by the fact that Clooney found Bullock out there in space as I was when I saw the term “Instagram Diet.” Three words: tell me more.
3. If it's awesome, say so. I wanted to check out “one of the most captivating film experiences in years,” and I wanted to check out this birthday cake.
4. Hint at a twist. The best trailers let viewers know they're in for a surprise or two. Let your followers know the same. Their curiosity will get the better of them.
How do you capture your audience's attention on social media?

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