How to inspire your managers to lead

January 16, 2014

Good managers realize that their leadership style will evolve.  It happens when they come to the conclusion that the people they manage all think, behave and react differently. This is why managers should learn to motivate and gain results from employees in different ways and gain knowledge about leading teams from different outlets.
Last month, I attended a session, “Success Codes for Professional and Personal Leadership,” at the Massachusetts Conference For Women, a conference that focused on leadership, networking and business - topics that are important for everyone. The session, led by executives and managers at Cisco, shared insights that helped guide them through tough times when managing people and then coming out successful.
Here are some insights from the seminar and beyond to help you grow into a manager that can keep your staff results-driven and motivated on a daily basis.

  1. Evolve from focusing on titles or hierarchy when managing people. Focus on inspiring to influence growth.
  2. Remember that leadership can’t always be taught. If you’re a parent or mentor outside of the office, you lead with your heart. Think about how this can be translated into your professional management style.
  3. Recall that leaders are only as successful as their teams. There’s no “I” in team. Recognize and remind your teams of this on a daily basis. Lead by example by executing and delivering, and encourage others to achieve results by challenging them.
  4. Be consistent in your approach. True leaders don’t lead by projecting the ups and downs that are happening to them personally and professionally on the people they manage. They don’t care some days and not on others, and they aren’t in a bad mood all the time and defensive.
  5. Listen more. You never know what you’ll find out that can help you propel your teams to the next level.
  6. Always self-reflect. The worst leaders are the ones that think they’re always right and don’t take feedback. Leaders should never stop learning.

What other leadership advice have you found useful?
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