How to Get a Great Tech Product Review

January 24, 2012

A positive product review can be a gift for lead generation because of the third-party validation from a respected blogger, analyst or reporter (in other words, an influencer). Publications and blogs nowadays can't always afford to keep technical product reviewers on staff, so their reviews can be few and far between. In addition, a review can take almost a year to appear within a roundup of multiple products instead of as a standalone article that provides an in-depth analysis of your product's features, functionality and benefits.

So, with modern-day parameters in place, what should an organization do? Follow these five simple steps to help influencers create effective product reviews for positive product PR.

  1. Keep the reporter or blogger engaged. Once the product review is scheduled, it is your job to make sure it happens. Usually, the reviewer is a busy freelancer and this is his second job. Be helpful and check in with the reviewer twice a week to determine his needs and wants around the project.
  2. Have a reviewer's guide readily available. This serves as a useful tool for new customers and for reviewers, so it's worth the effort of creating one. Reviewers shouldn't get the facts wrong if they're all in writing.
  3. Have your most engaging product manager give a demonstration. Product demonstrations can be boring, but not if you have a presenter who is engaging and can help the reporter or blogger understand the industry's pain points while also getting him to understand the need for the product.
  4. Follow up with resourceful information. Make sure the reviewer understands the purpose and mission of the product by providing him with industry whitepapers, links to website materials and customer testimonials.
  5. Keep your product top of mind. If the review doesn't appear for a year after a product demonstration is given, it's important to help the reporter or blogger keep your product in mind so you're not forgotten.


Have you ever had a bad product review if you've followed these steps? If so, tell us here.


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