How To Generate Content Using Surveys

May 8, 2012

By: Meaghan
Is your company looking to stand out and stay top-of-mind with its audience?
Many companies want to generate creative content, and some are turning to surveys and polls to gather useful data to distribute through a variety of channels. Douglas Karr, CEO of DK New Media, and John O'Connell, senior public relations manager
of HNTB, shared their tips for how companies can be successful when using these tools in the “Stay Top of Mind through Creative Content Generation” webinar presented by PR Newswire and Zoomerang.
Karr urges companies to stop selling and instead look at ways to provide value, capture the audience's attention and build authority. This can be done through “feeding the senses” with text, audio, video and kinesthetic elements.
Often, we see companies put out information once and then discard it. Companies need to repurpose this material; they don't need to reinvent it, but rather tweak it to entice their entire audience. One way Karr recommends doing this is by repurposing.
You can turn:
• Survey results into a whitepaper;
• A whitepaper into an infographic or presentation;
• A presentation into a blog post;
• Blog posts into a webinar; and
• A webinar into a survey.
After creating all this content, the information can also be shared through press releases, social media, landing pages, and traditional media placements. Then, companies can track their analytics through the various distribution channels.
O'Connell recommends generating themes for surveys and polls based on timeliness, newsworthiness and potential for generating worthwhile discussions among key audiences. He suggests using survey results to extend a company's story.
An example of a survey conducted by HNTB that generated content was a question on public transit. The survey found that, “More than four in five (83 percent) Americans agree public transit and high-speed rail infrastructure should receive a larger share of federal funding than they do now. However, Americans were far more likely to choose high-speed rail over driving or flying for a trip to a city in their region in March 2009 than February 2010 (54 percent versus 38 percent).” That information became the basis for materials that could then be repurposed as part of a larger content strategy.
Does your company already use surveys and polls to generate content?

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