How to create great client experiences

Creating an amazing client experience is at the top of our priority list at Metis. We take it very seriously because the relationships we share with our clients are a crucial part in growing our business through referrals. For any service-based company banking on its personal connections as a competitive differentiator, a customer experience program is a must. 

Ours begins the second a company signs on. We customize touch points to keep clients engaged, but also to make their time with us an experience they enjoy personally and professionally. On day one, we want to know how our clients prefer to communicate, what their days are like, and what they’re passionate about in life and work. We also ask them about things like their birthdays, favorite TV shows, favorite restaurants or favorite holidays.

These kinds of details, along with tidbits clients might drop in meetings, on calls or on social media, can help build a relationship and connect on a different level. Here are a few examples of how we’ve easily added personal touches to our client service experience, and you can with your customers, too:

  • Celebrate personal milestones: When one of our clients had a baby, we gave a nod to his love for Star Wars in the gift we sent.
  • Encourage company fun and time off: When a client told us they were taking their team white water rafting for a summer outing, we got our creative juices (literally) flowing and drafted up a cocktail list, then made a designed piece to share with them. When another client contact planned a vacation to Europe, our team made him a personalized itinerary of must-see sights.
  • Celebrate birthdays: For a dog-loving client’s birthday, we sent a gift basket filled with bowls, treats and toys for her pup, and for another client’s first “birthday” as a company, we sent cake.
  • Celebrate favorite holidays: When a client contact was going camping on the 4th of July, his favorite holiday, we worked up some fun, creative content for his trip.
  • Picture1-1.pngCelebrate professional milestones and anniversaries: When our clients celebrate wins, we want to celebrate them, too! We’ve sent champagne for funding announcements, a martini set for company acquisition and other gifts to encourage toasting on special occasions.
  • Celebrate client-company anniversaries: And we don’t forget about celebrating how many years our clients have been with us. We send out “Metisversary” cards to let our clients know that we appreciate their business, year after year.

If you’re lucky enough to collaborate with some of the most respected individuals in your industry, let them know you value them with a creative customer experience program. For us, it’s been a great way to let clients know we appreciate them, we really love what we do and we love that it helps their businesses succeed.  

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