10 awesome job perks

By: Melanie
Coming from an accounting and finance background, my work could be stressful, boring or monotonous, but these little tokens of fun make me want to go to work in the morning.
Want a job you love? Look for these 10 perks to help brighten any work environment:

  1. Bring your pets to work day: This can change the whole feel of your job.
  2. Flex hours/telecommuting: Not only can this be beneficial for juggling personal appointments, childcare or classes, but it can increase productivity, too.
  3. Summer Fridays: Who doesn't enjoy the beautiful weather and extended daylight of summertime?
  4. A little friendly wagering: Whether it be American Idol or the NCCA tournament, an office pool adds fun and competition to the work environment.
  5. Lunch and learn sessions: Workshops let guests and employees share their expertise while the staff enjoys a free lunch.
  6. Employee potlucks: Themed potlucks are a great way to bring the team together.
  7. Birthdays off: No more office celebrating each birthday with a cake and a song. Instead the company gives you the day off.
  8. Shout outs: Recognition for a job well done is important. This could be in the form of a posting on the “wall of fame,” a gift card, free dinner or an announcement.
  9. Trips: Professional development and employee retreats can often be done right at the workplace. But doesn't training in Los Angeles, brainstorming in New Orleans, or networking in Seattle sound better?
  10. Humor: Laughing is the best remedy for stress on the job. Practical jokes, a joke board and someecards brighten up the office and boost morale.

A paycheck counts. That goes double for being passionate about your work. But a fun work atmosphere is just as important for getting you out of bed every morning.