How to create and own an industry term

October 20, 2015
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By Jessie Moog
When companies in your field constantly introduce new products and services, it can be hard for your organization to take its customers by surprise – particularly when you’re business is rooted in the fast-paced tech world. However, on the rare occasion that your startup is launching something that really does break new ground in your industry, that element of surprise is a powerful marketing tool, as long as you can back it up with proof points.
One way to accomplish this feat is to describe your product with a previously unused term, which can help influencers quickly absorb and amplify your message. Of course, this process isn’t easy. We’re marketing in the age of the hashtag – every organization is accompanying its newest launch with catchy phrases that will hopefully propel the news to a viral state and make its executives “thought leaders.” When you set out to establish a new industry descriptor, keep the below tips in mind if you want it to resonate and help pave the way for your product’s growth:
Know, and respect, your audience.
What websites, blogs and print sources are your buyers reading? Which analysts do they consult before they make purchase decisions? These are the sources that should adopt your descriptor early in your campaign. Working with a PR or marketing partner can help you identify these influencers and get them on board.
Consider the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign. If your platform is as innovative as you want it to appear, there’s a good chance that above all other goals, you should aim to educate your audience on the market need for the product and the background behind its potential. During your conversations with media, prospects, analysts and social influencers, explain these factors in a clear, concise manner that shows why the product’s tagline fits. If people understand this point, they’ll remember to use the term next time they write or speak about your company.
Remember: Consistency is key.
Include the newly coined term in every piece of content you create. Encourage your employees to use it in social posts, blogs and real-world conversations of their own. It may be awkward at first, but when you eventually see your competitors adopting a term you made up to describe their own technologies, you’ll feel all the more motivated to reinforce your staked claim and prove you were the industry’s pioneer.
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