How to commute into Boston without losing your mind

July 9, 2015
by Admin

The only thing better than going on vacation in the summertime is commuting into work when everyone else has gone on vacation. I have (fairly) easily cruised into Boston from the ‘burbs ever since the Fourth of July. You want to talk Independence Day? Driving 25 miles during rush hour in these parts in fewer than 75 minutes is better than any fireworks show – and we sure do deserve it after the endless snow days of last winter.
But, even with the summer-ized version of Boston traffic, I need a strategy to make my time behind the wheel a treat instead of a trauma. I thank the technology gods for inventing the podcast, and the talented humans who create the content that keeps me calm up and down route I-93. Here are the podcasts I’m listening to these days to make sure my commuting hours go to good use (and I don’t succumb to road rage):
Fresh Air
Thank you, Terry Gross and NPR, for letting me tune in whenever I want to learn about topics from adolescent brain development to the history of “The Great Gatsby” to the rhetorical trends of the Supreme Court to the sad spiral of singer Amy Winehouse. This podcast is like a mini, audio liberal arts education.
Traction: Creative and unusual ways entrepreneurs make progress
I don’t know how Jay Acunzo does it, but he seems to be everywhere. From his “Sorry for Marketing” blog to his work with Boston Content to this podcast for NextView Ventures, Acunzo is a thoughtful storyteller who respects his audience’s time (even if they happen to be trapped in traffic and can’t go elsewhere anyway). Check out the episode with Pando Daily’s Dennis Keohane. Good stuff.
TED Radio Hour
Because you probably shouldn’t spend your workdays watching all of the great TED talks, listen to them on your way to the office instead. On tap for my next drive home: “Growing up,” an episode from last summer devoted to how “parents mold children into who they are.” I’m hoping it will be more instructional/aspirational than overwhelming/terrifying.
WTF with Marc Maron
I can’t lie; I never heard of this guy before President Obama turned up on his podcast in June. If Maron’s landing guests who work in oval offices, though, I’m willing to give him a chance. Plus, my commute is really the only time I can tune into a show called “WTF.” It’s not exactly appropriate for carpooling the kids to soccer.
I figure I have maybe seven weeks left of easy, summer-style commuting. That dwindling time would make me sad, except I know I will have so many more hours for podcast listening come September. Hooray!
What should I listen to next? Share your favorite podcast.

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