How to achieve winning PR results in 2016

January 14, 2016
by Admin

By: Harper Schmidt
As every new year begins, PR pros set goals – for both our personal resolutions and our clients. During this process, we ask ourselves: How do we produce the best work possible? Is what we’re doing working? How can we pivot to reach higher goals than ever before?
To build any PR or marketing plan, it’s important to reflect on aspects that have (or haven’t) worked for your company in the past. For our team, this reflection recently cumulated in the Metis Awards, an opportunity to internally share PR strategies executed, social and content campaigns launched, and obstacles overcome in 2015. Fueled by some good-natured competition, we danced to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This,” ate cookies and adopted roles in skits about reporting the weather and flying a plane. We also got a chance to learn from our colleagues’ challenges, successes and strategic thinking, and remind ourselves about the required ingredients for a successful PR campaign.
Next time you’re embarking on a new PR plan, consider the below tips from our 2015 Metis Award winners:
Track, and prove, your results.
Every successful PR program measures its efficacy. PR results might take the shape of content that appealed to targeted audiences; messages that resonated with analysts, influencers and media; or an increased social presence. To fully gauge the value of a new PR strategy, make sure you’re tracking new leads, website referrals, social sentiments, media coverage and any changes to your bottom line.
Think outside the box.
Metis has a dynamic team, and everyone is creative in different ways. We see this daily in client brainstorms, social strategy and content creation. However, the Metis Awards allowed us to run wild with our creativity. The presenting teams wowed us with results interpreted through fairy tales, newscasts, dance moves and emoji-based storytelling. As you drive a PR campaign to promote your product launch, new hire or other strategic message, tapping into your imagination will help your news stand out.
Don’t shy away from a challenge.
Challenges are an inevitable part of any marketing campaign. If your efforts aren’t producing the results you’re looking for, it’s time to try a new approach. For our team, learning how others have faced and overcome challenges, such as defining a new market or increasing brand awareness among influencers, offers inspiration and helps plan for the year ahead. Next time you’re working toward a goal and faced with an obstacle, look for motivation from your industry’s thought leaders – or even your competitors.
Give 110 percent.
When it comes to daily client service or presenting at the Metis Awards, our team is all in. We’ll drive an invisible plane for the duration of a 5-minute presentation with the same energy used to drive our clients through company launches, funding announcements and daily responses to breaking news. Maintaining a committed attitude from start to finish is an integral factor in the success of any PR or marketing initiative.
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