How our new office helps us innovate in PR and marketing

December 17, 2015
by Admin

By Joe Meloni
Every day, I walk into the neighborhood Dunkin Donuts at least three times. I drink a lot of coffee, maybe a little too much, to keep me moving throughout the day. So when Metis moved from our old office in Boston’s South End to our new downtown locale in late October, it was imperative that I find the same connection with the crew at the nearest Dunkin Donuts. It took about three weeks to get there, but I no longer have to say a word – the second I walk through the doors, the team starts making my coffee, and I’m out the door after a “Thank you.”
Beyond our coffee connections, moving into the new space is helping us grow stronger as a team and enhancing our creative abilities. The rest of what we have are just perks that will help inspire the integrated PR and marketing campaigns we support daily:
What’s for lunch? Anything you want
Within 60 seconds of walking out of our office doors, we have more than a dozen options for a great lunch. Some of the big names (Chipotle) are here, and some local favorites (Falafel King) bring balance to our lunch options. Spending a few minutes away from our desks to have a bite during the day at a local favorite or our office kitchen and bar space is a great way to relax and recharge during the day.
In the middle of it all
We are in the heart of Downtown Crossing. On any given day, we’re likely to see Samuel Adams or Paul Revere giving historical tours. The Old South Church reminds us of the heritage we share with this city. We’re also close to every major sports venue, shopping area and more. It’s only a short train ride from Boston Garden, a quick walk to Boston Common and within minutes of the city’s major train lines. It feels good to part of the city’s hustle and bustle. Walking out of our office after work every day, we’re reminded how vibrant our city is.
A creative, collaborative workspace
Metis is a non-traditional company that is unlike other PR firms. Our mix of marketing, content, communications and visual projects make the office a collaborative and energetic place to work. Our new office reflects this energy, so our walls are bright, the acoustics are great and there’s plenty of space for everyone to work however best suits them. We have a quiet library space, meeting spaces for calls and a big kitchen so everyone can cross paths at some point throughout the day. Our Wednesday night Ping-Pong games and in-office kegerator have been welcome additions, too.
The team here at Metis doesn’t need a fancy, shiny new office to make great things happen for our clients. Just the same, our new space better reflects the team we’ve developed and the culture that defines our work.

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