Happy Holidays From Your Favorite PR Elves

December 24, 2010

By Katie
As 2010 comes to a close, the little elves of Metis are busy wrapping up and reflecting on the past year and preparing for 2011. With a successful year under our belt, we are especially grateful for our ongoing, new and past relationships with each and every special person with whom we are in contact daily – and that's a lot of people.
So in the season of spreading goodwill to all, we bestow our virtual gifts of thanks and best wishes for 2011.

  • For our clients, we wish you a year of connecting closely with your customers and partners, and increased awareness and industry buzz, which, as we know, will only increase sales and ROI.
  • For the media, we wish you a year of plentiful sources and eager eyes. May your 2011 be filled with articles rich with journalistic integrity and may your readers share your articles, Tweet them and like them on Facebook.
  • For the analysts, we wish you a year of groundbreaking research and valuable counsel with vendors, media and clients.
  • For our blogger buddies, we wish you a year of meaningful content, increased linkbacks and a following that exceeds all your expectations.
  • For our partners, we wish you a year of impressed customers, decreased competition and overall efficient operations. You deserve it.

Cheers to 2010. We listened, we learned, we taught, and we made great inroads to improve Metis and the businesses of our clients, partners and media/analyst/blogger counterparts. Here's to an even better year ahead.
And in our grand tradition here at Metis, here's our contribution to the viral, commercial spirit of sharing holiday cheer online.
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