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May 24, 2016

I’m a sucker for brand loyalty. I’ll choose Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts every time – and pay the extra dollar – because D&D has served me too many watery coffees to count. I troll Madewell for online sales because its clothes fit me, even as I remind myself to stop supporting fast fashion. I was the ideal customer to witness Chipotle’s recent series of food-contamination disasters, because it didn’t come close to swaying me from returning to the restaurant (and I got, like, four free burrito coupons in the course of the company’s apology campaign).

Brand recognition is a powerful thing. When a company is so well known, reliable or delicious that it can virtually do no wrong, it’s almost irrelevant why customers make buying decisions. But the majority of business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations aren’t that beloved. For most, a brand’s connection with key audiences determines its success – and to make that connection, the brand needs to let its humans take center stage.

Executive visibility makes this possible. Consider the human stories your executive team could tell:

  • How does your CEO exercise her influence on Twitter, and how has her social media presence grown the company?
  • When did your CTO identify his professional strengths, and how does he actively play to them?
  • What mistakes should a first-time entrepreneur avoid at all costs?

Our latest e-book explores these questions and more. Five B2B leaders share their takes on achieving business goals by leveraging their backgrounds, expertise and leadership. Lifting executive visibility may not instantly put your brand on par with Starbucks, but based on stories we’ve heard from CEOs, it’s proven to help form lasting customer relationships and move the business in the right direction.

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