Future gazing: The Internet in 25 more years

March 13, 2014

In the spirit of the Internet's quarter-century birthday, we’ve compiled our forecast for what the future of the Internet will look like. Below are Metis’ predictions for what will become of the Internet in 25 years’ time.

  • The U.S. will catch up in Internet speeds.
  • We will wear our technologies all the time, and they will help us regulate our lives.
  • We’re going to look back and laugh at the idea of ever being somewhere in America with limited or no Internet service.
  • The Internet will rule all commerce, from subscription-based shopping and food delivery to same-day delivery.
  • It will become an expensive but coveted luxury to have security and privacy online, similar to how celebrities and the wealthy pay for private security 24/7 today.
  • The phrase “the Internet of Things” will be dead as it will just be a reality for households—with a simple touch of a button, you’ll be able to start your washer, turn on the stove and open the door to let your dog out.
  • Wi-Fi will be available on all subway systems (If we’re not all teleporting by this time).
  • Online anonymity will become a novelty; there will be no more hiding behind a username, as your offline persona and online identity will be inextricably linked.
  • The government will have more control and regulation over Internet transactions and interactions.
  • It will become a vacation trend for luxury resorts to offer a lack of Internet connectivity as a feature.
  • The Internet will be the mechanism for overhauling higher education and making it more affordable and accessible to all. We’re seeing the last generations of students being crippled by massive student loan debt.
  • The Internet will be in our heads. Thinking will be the new Google search.
  • Someone will dream up something greater than we can even imagine at this point, and it will change our lives forever, just like the World Wide Web’s inception in 1999 did.

Leave your predictions for the next 25 years of the Internet in the comments.
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