Fun at work day, the Metis way!

January 28, 2020

Every January 28 is “Fun at Work Day,” a holiday that recognizes a little levity on the job can lead to more productive, creative and loyal employees. From fictional TV shows to real-world shenanigans, workplace fun provides plenty of memories and benefits – here’s a few from the Metis crew!

Cathy Atkins

We have an internal awards program where teams submit work for best product/company launch, marketing campaigns, media thought-leadership work and other categories. We compete by creatively sharing results through a song, poem, dramatic reading or historical reenactment. We've had mock political debates, duets, even one award submission done in complete silence. 

One of my favorites was when our teammate Mel dropped some sick rap beats and lyrics - it was absolutely perfect. Her rhyming, breathing and cadence was top notch. She literally didn't miss a beat! 

It was a side of her I had never seen and one of the most fun Metis moments I've had in our 15 years. It opened my eyes to the talents this team has and how important it is for us to do this kind of activity. 

Kelly Haddock

It's always a good time when Metis gets together. As a VERY remote employee in Georgia farm country, I always look forward to seeing everyone in person. We work hard, and when we’re together, we play hard. And our Metis yearly outings never disappoint. 

Beer Tent

Last year, we held our outing at a bowling alley and it was one for the ages. There was plenty of "smack talk" leading up to it. The day arrived, the drinks and food came out, we divided into two teams and bowled the most competitive, hilariously lowest scoring game in history, followed by some arcade fun. Then we walked to an outdoor beer garden on Boston’s waterfront. 

Basically, it was a bunch of adults acting much younger, and it was great!

Caroline Curran

We’re a team that likes to sweat together - hardworking overachievers - and it’s not easy to turn off at 5 p.m. So when we’re together, we like to take this badassery to the latest workout hotspots. We've collectively hit most of the spin studios and bootcamps in Greater Boston, though if you have a recommendation, let us know - we love a new challenge.

As a fully remote team, I cherish the times we're face-to-face. Whether we’re at the office or Barry's Bootcamp, we push each other. The most fun days are when we're collectively sweating and testing boundaries - sometimes even before the sun has risen - and becoming all the better for it. 

Mel Rubbelke

It's true: Team workouts, work! 

Being remote means not seeing a lot of each other in person. So like many of my team members, I really love it when we are able to spend some quality face time with each other. And, for the fitness fanatics at Metis, a quality workout together has allowed us to work even better together. 

There's a magical energy that goes into the day and stays for months after our team does a class together. When we struggle and sweat, especially when it's at a time when most people are still sleeping, there’s a bond that's created. Seeing my colleagues kickass and push themselves has also made me more accountable as team member, inspiring me to push harder than I would on my own. 

Justine Boucher

Some of the best moments come from sharing funny sayings or memorable quotes from across the company. We have a running list of quotes "Overheard at Metis" to track the creative exchanges that crop up from friendly banter or misunderstandings. It gives you a better chance of hearing about a face someone gave or quirky snack preferences, and as communications professionals, knowing everyone can flub a word and laugh at themselves in the end helps keep things light.

JaeMi Pennington

I love how Metis loves its pets. I don’t have one, but I enjoy living vicariously through the other pet owners. The blogs posts about pets are a lot of fun to read and I love seeing the enthusiasm the team displays. I particularly “heart” the photo of Caroline's dog dressed up like Top Gun


Kim Caro

I have the most fun at work when we do brain breaks or “chat around the water cooler” meetings in which we can discuss anything but work. Given that we're all remote, it's a great way to get to know one another. Even though the meetings are short, and it's not some big event, they always brighten my day.  It’s simple, personal and brings us closer together. 

Marty Querzoli

Never underestimate the power (or perils) of an after work drink, on-site or off. There’s a lot to be said for spontaneous get togethers that end up concluding late in the evening. The talk becomes more candid. Issues are resolved. Personalities shine. If you’re really lucky, a co-worker may even belt out a version of “When You’re Good to Big Mama” that’ll take the bar by surprise. 

Just be careful when it’s closing time. Gathering up co-workers is like herding cats, and remember, no good ever comes from leaving a laptop behind in a restroom. 

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