From your '90s TV Guide: 6 Unlikely strategic PR masters

May 12, 2016

The dream of the ‘90s is alive in the Metis office. Our team is often listening to a ‘90s playlist or swapping stories from the decade. And although we don’t miss the days of dial-up internet, we do love reminiscing about how marketing, PR and strategy have changed since the late ‘90s and early 2000s – and how we can apply insight from those market shifts in our work today.

With this mindset, it’s no surprise that some of my favorite movie and TV characters from the ‘90s would fit right into the Metis team. Below are a few examples of characters I’d love to share an office with.

lisasimpsonLisa Simpson (The Simpsons) - Lisa is a knowledge powerhouse. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to geek out about her favorite subjects. Many of the startups we work with took risks when they first developed their businesses. But, the risks paid off, and many are now creating solutions that are disrupting industries. With Lisa’s passion for learning and her determination, she’d be a serious asset for our entrepreneurial clients.



oliviabensonOlivia Benson (Law and Order: SVU) – Lieutenant Benson’s ability to listen, observe and take action make her a critical asset for the police force. When she’s investigating a case, Olivia focuses on goals, listens to her sources and trusts her gut – skills that would easily transfer to a strategic, high-performance PR and marketing firm. She’d have a knack for telling the customer story and helping clients connect with their target audiences. (It doesn’t hurt that Mariska Hargitay is a media maven with a passion for supporting great causes when she’s not starring on SVU.)

freshprinceWill Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)The Fresh Prince was one of the most memorable characters of the ‘90s, with his quick wit and support for his family members. Will might be “fresh” in the PR industry, but his natural knack for communications would make him a supportive, collaborative and hilarious team member. He also had a way of getting himself out of tricky situations, so he would likely jive well with Metis’ crisis experts.



topangaTopanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World) – Topanga was the smartest girl in her class and the cast member everyone could rely on. Not to mention, her fashion sense was always ahead of the game (denim hat, anyone?). She would be equally ahead of the curve in identifying industry trends and securing media hits for her clients.



msfrizzleValerie Frizzle (The Magic School Bus) – If you grew up in the ‘90s, you definitely learned a thing or two from the orange-haired, adventurous Ms. Frizzle. Staying up to date on breaking news and trends is key for every PR professional. And just like Ms. Frizzle, we believe the best way to serve clients is to never stop reading and learning.




matildaMatilda (Matilda) Matilda’s positive outlook and creative energy could form the backbone for our own team’s work. Communications experts need to be able to turn slow news cycles into stories and find their way into relevant media conversations, through issues response and thought-leadership pieces.

Whether you spent the ‘90s playing Pokémon on your Game Boy color or crushing on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, there’s a good chance your favorite cultural throwback still inspires and informs your drive and work today – just as it does for our team. 

What ‘90s character persona would you bring to work every day?

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