Former Metis maverick joins Boston startup at ground floor

October 31, 2015
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By: Ali
There was a lot going on this week. It was a bit tough to choose what made the cut here, but our first piece of news, featuring a former Metis legend, was a no brainer. In fact, it’s so exciting that I’m skipping the rest of this preamble and getting right to the good stuff.
BetaBoston: VentureApp, a private network for startups, launches
This is the startup for startups. New local company VentureApp is providing the network for entrepreneurs who have some key parts of the equation for successful businesses, but could use support on a few missing pieces – support that will now come through other startups looking to contribute advice, as well as vendors pitching their best offers. Metis founding teammate Katie Sullivan is at it again, leading the company’s communications efforts. We couldn’t be more psyched to see where she and her team – including BostInno founders Chase Garbarino, Greg Gomer and Kevin McCarthy – go next.
BostInno: These 16 MassChallenge Startups Just Won $1.5M
Sixteen winners took home a share of $1.5 million at the MassChallenge awards, with the top winners getting $100,000 each. In case anyone was unsure of the clout Boston-based MassChallenge has these days, that should be a good indicator of its power and the value of the companies it’s supporting.
Boston Business Journal: Founder of Toms Shoes invests in Boston startup that helps underprivileged artists
Sometimes I wonder if the world really needs another hot new startup, but this is one I can get behind. ArtLifting – a 2014 MassChallenge winner – is an organization that helps homeless, underprivileged and disabled artists sell their work, taking 45 percent of the sale and returning the rest to the individual. Toms Shoes founder nails it describing this as the perfect intersection of profit and purpose.
BetaBoston: City Hall unveils StartHub ‘homepage’ for startups, partnering with IBM
As part of Mayor Walsh’s ongoing effort to push the city toward its full entrepreneurial potential, this week he launched StartHub. IBM is sponsoring the effort, and VentureCafe and Gust are providing content for the site, as well as helping with promotion.
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