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October 16, 2012




Finding the perfect partner is never an easy task, especially when dreams, business and dollars are at stake. Yes, we’re talking about finding your soulmate online- your business soulmate, that is! Thanks to the way forged by social media platforms and matchmaking phenomena like Tinder, entrepreneurs can now connect with other co-founders, startups or organizations through social media platforms. 

No matter your background – a woman with a million-dollar idea or an experienced entrepreneur in need of a new job or a college kid with a company in need of funding – you can find your ideal match online. Find the right site for you and you’ll connect with various potential partners, investors, mentors, co-founders, and other entrepreneurs. 

So, where to start? Social media platforms vary depending on your needs, but here are some general guidelines: 

  1. Choose a platform to search for your business soulmate(s).
  2. Create an account and craft your user profile.
             -Your user profile will include job location preference, skills, past experience (such as previous startup work or fund-raising success), and other key attributes.
    1. - Focus on what YOU are looking for and make that clear on your profile. 
  3. The platform will offer potential matches or connections based on your profile and the profile’s of other users. 
  4. You choose! Will you meet each other in-person to discuss business? How many “dates” will you go on before you decide to walk down the aisle of business partnership?

Metis Communications is here to help you get started. Below, you’ll find the top business social media platforms for forming connections, potential partnerships, and finding investors/mentors. Pick a site that fits your needs and start connecting!


CoFoundersLab is an extensive network of over 400,000 business professionals. It is ideal for those seeking to engage and interact with potential co-founders, mentors, investors, and other entrepreneurs. They even offer in-person networking opportunities, if you’re more of a face-to-face person. They offer highly experienced entrepreneurs volunteering to serve as your mentor, to beginning entrepreneurs seeking advice on their business plans. Joining is free! 

Link to Get Started: 


This site is made specifically for tech entrepreneurs. It is considered the premier online network for tech entrepreneurs. There are options for connecting with advisors, mentors, co-founders, other tech entrepreneurs, and professionals in the tech industry. You’ll find over 300,000 different tech entrepreneurs here, happy to give advice on your ideas and partner with you. 

Link to Get Started:

Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz is an extension of the dating app, Bumble, so you know they understand connections! This breakout app focuses on finding other business professionals in your area, whether you want to partner with them, invest, or seek advice. There is much more of a focus on female entrepreneurs being able to form local, individual connections, especially focused on matching mentors/mentees. 

Create a profile for yourself with verified images, digital resumes, a skills section, examples of your work, and specifics on the type of business connection you are searching for. Just download the app and start swiping for your business soulmate!

Link to Get Started:


Powered by a search algorithm, StartHawk is here to match entrepreneurs to potential co founders or partners. You’ll find quick and easy connections with great communication resources. Your free profile can detail your job location preference, the position you are looking to fill, your experience, and skills. You can even share your business ideas and receive feedback from other entrepreneurs. StartHawk has a special chat option, where you can directly message connections to form partnerships. Don’t find your connection through suggested connections? Use filters to specify what you are looking for and find the perfect business partner on StartHawk! 

Link to Get Started: 

Ideas Voice

Ideas Voice’s main goal is to support small startups and companies. Launched in 2012, they will connect you to over 12,000 other potential founders, partners, and investors for free. You can find your partner based on complementary skills included in their profile, build a team for your startup, and even establish collaborations with other startups. Share ideas and get feedback from other users as well. Over 3,000 people have received feedback on their business plans on this site! Ideas Voice also offers in-person events, workshops, and conventions to pitch your ideas to investors, find a mentor/mentee, and learn valuable business skills from professionals. 

Link to Get Started: 


With these great social media and networking tools, you're bound to find the perfect person to complete your business life. Utilize the benefits of matchmaking tools and the internet to connect to mentors, partners, investors, and other entrepreneurs that you might not meet otherwise. Want more PR and marketing tips for your startup? Metis can help. Sign up for our newsletter today to get regular updates, tips, and techniques to benefit your startup now. 


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