Financial Services Market Looks To Tech Companies For Thought Leadership

October 22, 2013

By: The Metis Financial Services Team
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At the end of August, the NASDAQ stock exchange trading system went down for several hours, causing angst among traders and public companies. Recently, the NASDAQ explained the reason for this outage to the SEC – a software glitch caused the issue. NASDAQ outlined five reforms for avoiding future outages, including action plans for testing and disclosure protocols, communication of regulatory halts, infrastructure assessments and plans to stop and start trading.
The NASDAQ outage, like the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York City last October, emphasizes how vital technology is to the financial services community. Financial firms rely more heavily on the seamless delivery of technology services than they ever have before. This reliance opens up possibilities for firms to provide technologies, services and thought leadership to bring 21st century cloud solutions to what has traditionally been a conservative market. Financial services firms must provide in-depth education and best practices about how technologies can and should be adopted by this market. They can do that through:

  • Contributed articles within financial and technology-focused publications
  • Webinars on technology and regulatory concerns
  • Blog posts on how new trends affect financial services firms
  • Customer case studies
  • Conference presentations
  • Insight shared via social media channels

From providing disaster recovery tips learned during Hurricane Sandy to pointers on selecting a private cloud service provider to how-to guides for leveraging financial data standards to assist with governance, risk and compliance, financial services firms can lead this vertical market through education and example as technology permeates every corner of the industry.
How do you drive thought leadership and education within your market?

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