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June 20, 2013

By: Kathryn
The author's well-worn copy of "Creating Passion-Driven Teams"
Great PR efforts are built around teams of people. The team approach is to foster creativity, share the workload and capture the best results possible. However, the challenges to a team atmosphere lie in motivating each person to create successful programs and grow professionally. So, when I came across “Creating Passion-Driven Teams” I had to see what author Dan Bobinski suggested.
Bobinski makes a good point that the leader must remember at all times that the team is comprised of people and not things. By embracing this relatively simple concept, leaders can motivate their teams to reach for success rather than just micromanaging every step along the way. I found myself nodding my head “Yes!” many times while reading this book, and using lots of sticky notes to mark the pages where the author made simple, but valuable points. Many of these items seem to be common sense, but team leaders can forget them. These points include:

  • Ask about the people on the team and their work style preferences.
  • Know your role and associated responsibilities on the team. Are you a leader (C-level executive), a manager or a front-line employee?
  • Continually assess and adjust the training and team responsibilities to ensure efficiency.
  • Tell people on the team if they are doing a good job. Simple praise goes a long way.
  • In mentoring your team, ask good questions to make the team members think and grow.

In creating passion-driven teams, we try to employ many – if not all – of these points. I find the best way to describe how a team should work is a quote from Abraham Lincoln that Bobinski used in his book: “I have simply tried to do what seemed best each day as each day came.” That is how we approach PR and teamwork.
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