Do you need a social media redo?

November 6, 2014

Whether you manage a brand’s social media profile or are trying to create your own social media persona, it doesn’t hurt to do a routine assessment and quality assurance test to make sure you’re on the right path. Is it time to update your social media strategy? Here are five questions to ask yourself to make sure your social media presence is reaching and engaging your target audience.

  • Does your bio accurately describe who you are? While we suggest having some fun with your social media bios to show personality, who you are should be clear. This is how most people will identify you, so make sure you have the important facts about who you are, what you do and how to reach you laid out front and center.
  • Without looking at your bio, can someone tell what industry you are in, just from your tweets? This is the biggest test of ensuring your messages are in line with your goals and priorities. If someone were to browse your news feed, he should be able to tell immediately, based on hashtags and content, what you care about and what field you’re in. While one-off messages that are off-topic can help with establishing personality, what you tweet about should be consistent with what you do.
  • Are you reaching the right people? In line with making sure your messages are on-target is making sure your audience is, too. If you’re looking to build a following of IT managers, but you’re only tweeting about Fantasy Football, you probably are not attracting the right crowd. Do a regular audit every few months to make sure the people who follow you are the ones you want to reach. Let this dictate your messaging strategy and any shifts you may need to make.
  • Are you blogging enough? A blog is a great way to demonstrate personality and showcase who you are and what you’re about in greater depth than a Google+ update or 140-character tweet would allow. In building your brand and establishing thought leadership, consider developing a blogging calendar and sticking with it so readers come to expect quality content from you. And not only is it important to blog regularly, it is critical that you provide value in your blogs. Readers will not come back to your blog if you are not offering them something worthwhile, whether that be advice, entertainment or news.
  • What platforms do you use and which ones should you use? These days, it feels like every week there is a new social media network that everyone needs to be on, in addition to the more established platforms. How do you determine where to devote your time and energy? Find out where your audience is. LinkedIn is an obvious choice for creating a professional network, but Tumblr may be the right platform for you if you’re trying to reach a more visually minded audience of Millennials. Take the time to scope out the audience of potential networks and decide what makes the most sense for you.

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