Dave Friend, Jeff Flowers launch spicy hot storage company

May 6, 2017

Dave Friend and Jeff Flowers, the entrepreneurial duo that created six companies together since the early 1980s, most recently Carbonite, launched their newest company this week. Wasabi is selling cloud-based object storage as a service, claiming the service can read and write data more than six times as fast as Amazon’s Simple Storage Service and around one-fifth the cost of S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. “We’re hot storage,” Friend says of Wasabi. In this context, hot means fast. Wasabi’s pricing is a flat rate of .0039 cents per gigabyte, unlike competitors with pricing tiers. Friend believes storage should be treated like a utility.

Here’s what else happened in the Boston startup community this week:

BostInno: RateGravity Raises $2M to Help You Save Thousands on Your Mortgage

Two former community bankers launched, RateGravity, a service that automates matching homebuyers with low-interest mortgages. Since last July and without any marketing, the company has matched 150 people with $40 million in approved mortgages. The company expects to save customers an average of $30,000 over the life of their loans. 

Boston Business Journal: Boston startup scores in deal that will give its wearable to every NFL player

Wearable devices are hitting the NFL football field this fall, tracking health and recovery data of all players for the next five years. Whoop, the wristband creator, is the first officially licensed by the NFL Players Association to provide such devices. As part of the deal, Whoop will sell the data to other interested parties.

BostInno: Say Hello to Converge, Boston’s Newest Women-Led VC Firm

Two familiar names in the Boston startup scene, Maia Heymann and Nilanjana Bhowmik, founded the newest women-led VC firm in Boston, Converge. They plan to focus on investing in business-to-business technologies at the Series A stage, while maintaining their prior investments, which include Boston-area startups like Swirl Networks, Help Scout and RapidMiner.

The Boston Globe: Magenta Therapeutics gets $50 million in funding

Cambridge biotech startup Magenta Therapeutics raised another $50 million in funding led by the venture capital arm of Google, just five months after the venture-backed company formally launched with $48.5 million dollars in financing. Magenta Therapeutics, is developing a drug to be used in stem cell transplants to treat blood and immunological disorders. The company will use the new funding to speed up its market and drug research.


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