Data center demands for consolidation influence PR strategy

May 11, 2013

By: Kathryn
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We have all read the 2013 prediction pieces on what the future is for the data center. Data center infrastructure management (DCIM), software-defined networks (SDN), impact of big data, the cloud – these have all been bandied about for several years, and each new year brings on a rash of people stating, “This is the year of [insert data center term]!” In reality, the market is slower to adopt these technologies regardless of the touted benefits of cost savings and efficiency. Having worked in PR with data center companies for a number of years, I have seen many terms - like cloud – get introduced and overused before the technology becomes pervasive.
Don't get me wrong; we have to be forward-thinking in this industry. Thought leaders and company executives must drive innovative concepts and product development that leads to efficient and green data centers that can handle all data and the growing demand for compute power. These individuals must provide big ideas to the market, but they also need to set realistic expectations about the time and effort it takes to implement new technologies or concepts within IT infrastructures – especially for large enterprises.
However, the theme for this year is that IT administrators want to consolidate infrastructures and increase efficiency across the data center, as outlined in Data Center Journal and Data Center Knowledge articles. There is a greater need today to do more with less, and it rings true in the data center, which is the hub of the company. Data centers must be efficient, 24/7 centers that drive business forward, and that market need should be reflected in the industry's PR efforts.
What are your company's data center plans? Do you plan to consolidate servers and storage with virtualization? Implement cloud-based services to bring employees services quickly and increase efficiency?

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