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February 14, 2013

By: Rachel
Content marketing is no longer a foreign term, but many marketers still struggle with how to market content successfully. Content expert Brian Clark recommends putting yourself in a journalist's shoes. It's up to you to create a compelling story that people want to read. As PR professionals, we do this on a daily basis by finding interesting angles to news that will draw people to it.
First, think like a media producer. Many popular stories revolve around the dramatic structure developed by Gustav Freytag: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Stories are written like this for a reason: they draw readers in and keep them fascinated until the last page. This strategy is something content marketers can follow, too.
Who is your target audience? What will these readers relate to? Take that information and develop a character – maybe it's your prospective buyer – and then develop the essentials for a plot line. Then, take your readers through the character's journey. Keep in mind what your ultimate goal is. If you want your reader to buy your product by the end of a blog post, then your story structure should revolve around the actions that would motivate a prospect to buy. How will you persuade your reader in a fascinating manner?
To keep your audience interested and coming back for more of your content, vary the way in which you tell stories. Content marketers have so many options at their fingertips, so use them. You can write a blog or article, design an infographic, film a video or create a presentation. You can carry the storytelling elements through whichever method you choose (hopefully all the above). One final piece of advice: don't stop reading. Immersing yourself in work by master storytellers will help you instill similar practices in your own content.

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