Content Creation, Curation Go Hand-in-Hand

May 22, 2012

By: Meaghan
Have you ever asked yourself what makes content shareable? PR Newswire's on-demand webinar, “Creation & Curation: 'C'ing Eye-to-Eye on Content” explains how a company can align its content strategy with curation objectives so that its message reaches the appropriate audience and attracts more visibility through social sharing.
Kristie Wells, founder and president of Social Media Club, Inc., discusses why it is important to create content.

  • Content allows businesses to create mindshare
  • Content is a good tool to help manage online reputation
  • Content generates traffic
  • Content improves search rankings

Wells recommends that companies conduct audits to see what types of content they already have. These audits will uncover existing whitepapers, tutorials, blogs and articles. After uncovering content, businesses should then highlight where they excel compared to their competitors.
Wells recommends companies come up with a strategy by:

  • Developing an editorial calendar
  • Using simple, relevant page titles
  • Understanding that headlines and keywords are the most important part of content
  • Staying consistent in tone, frequency and keywords
  • Making content easy to consume by using bullets, photos, videos or tables

“A blended strategy is the way to go,” Wells said about content creation and curation.
Jake Wengroff, global director of social media strategy and research at Frost & Sullivan, said content creation and curation is about “feeding the beast.” He added that curation has risen as an alternative or additional strategy that communication specialists had to adopt.
“When we curate, we have to source the content that we want to align ourselves with,” Wengroff said.
Wengroff recommends analyzing websites, Twitter influencers, Facebook pages, YouTube channels and SlideShare publishers with which a business should align its content. When it comes to content, he urges marketers to post and share through social media channels.
Regarding curation and creation of content, Wengroff said it is important to understand where traditional media channels fit in today with the social media explosion.
Do you maximize your content distribution with social media?

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