Compelling Facebook Content + Engagement = Vibrant User Communities

February 16, 2012

By: Kathryn
If I had to make a guess, I'd say you have a Facebook page. You like your friends' posts, enter status updates, and upload photos or even videos. But you might not know how Facebook chooses what to show you first. The company uses a little-known algorithm called EdgeRank.
Now, think about it from a company's point of view: say your company created a Facebook page and occasionally updates it, but wants to build its influence and following on Facebook. The way to do this is to create compelling, interesting content. EdgeRank takes it from there by assigning a score to each piece of content you create. The higher the score, the higher the chance it appears in a follower's newsfeed. If the user sees your post, the better the chance that user will interact on your company's Facebook page.
So how does your company increase its EdgeRank?

  • Get your followers to interact. The more interactions your company page hosts, the higher its score. So, by increasing the number of people who like your page or comment on it, you increase your EdgeRank score.
  • Fresh content is key. If your company only posts every few months, your score will be low.
  • Focus on the kinds of content that promote interaction to boost your score. People are more apt to click on a photo or a video, so be sure to include these in your feed.

Getting more value from your Facebook presence requires compelling content and interaction with followers. Ask for their opinions and draw them into conversations. By crafting interesting updates and posting pictures and videos that show the human side of your company, you'll increase engagement. Once users are engaged, they comment. Once people comment, their friends know. And ultimately, your user base grows.
Do you have a plan to create compelling content to engage your Facebook followers? How can your company make a goal to increase its EdgeRank metric?

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