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March 29, 2016

What’s it like to work from a blank slate? Ask any artist, and you’ll hear the empty canvas is both inspiring and terrifying.

It can turn into anything.

Or it can remain nothing.

The difference depends on the person standing before it.
The same is true of pursuits most people don’t immediately think of as creative, like:

  • Growing a good idea into a great business
  • Earning the trust (and dollars) of wary prospects
  • Capturing a reporter’s interest in a story idea or expert source

metis tekuma
That’s the kind of art we make for clients every day – and we have no qualms calling it art, even though there’s plenty of data and science behind it. For months, the blank walls of our new office space were a metaphor for the first stage of PR and marketing art-making. We face the blank slate at the beginning of every new client ramp-up, every new campaign, every new day – and a lot of our desks faced the blank slates of empty walls for a while there, too.

But no more.

metis tekuma 6

As I sit here writing this, I’m looking at the artwork of Benito Babini, who uses toothpicks to make “precise and unusual” lines with colors that remind him of the Mediterranean Sea of his childhood. In the conference room down the hall from my desk, Sayjel Patel’s “Cloud World” images are the backdrop for client calls, team brainstorming sessions and other meetings. And in the Metis library, the “Space + Science” screen prints of artistic team Jason Snyder and Briana Feola set the backdrop for bigger, bolder, brighter thinking.

metis tekuma 5

In a few months, all of these installations and several others around our headquarters will be gone. The walls will be blank again, just for a few moments, and then new art will go up. The blank slates around here – both the literal and the figurative ones – don’t stay empty for long.

metis tekuma 3

Our mini galleries come from Tekuma, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup founded by architects, designers and storytellers who felt too much art was going unseen. The prints they’re curating on our walls represent just one of the many ways our team gets inspired to do the best work of their careers here.

metis tekuma 4


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