Codzilla Attacks Our Company Outing

September 1, 2011

By Katie
For this year's Metis summer outing, we had the pleasure of riding one of the fastest commercial speed boats. What's that, you ask? Does the boat have a name? Why yes, yes it does. Codzilla. It's as awesome as it sounds and we highly recommend giving it a whirl… or, letting it take you for a whirl.
We headed out, calm, cool and collected, in the wake zone of Boston Harbor. Unbeknownst to us, Codzilla really kicks it into high gear once it reaches the outer harbor. In cod we trust; at more than 40 miles per hour, we were whipped around in some 360-degree turns, to the tune of AC/DC and our very own blood curdling screams. And it was awesome. To say that we were drenched is an understatement.
Thank Cod for our wonderful Metis leaders for getting us out of the office for a day; we relished the beautiful weather, enjoyed a delicious bite to eat, and as always, were surrounded by great company.
What did you do for your summer outing?

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