CEOs You Should Follow on Twitter

April 2, 2014

While some CEOs argue that they are too busy to be on Twitter or think that posting 140-character messages is pointless, others know that communication is an essential function of their roles as company leaders and industry visionaries. Effective executives lead their companies’ brand perception across every channel, and that includes online. Twitter allows CEOs to let their personalities shine through and make themselves accessible to customers and media.
Here are our picks for CEOs who are using the social network to interact with customers, press and employees and boost brand messaging to turn social media into a positive-ROI activity.

  1. @Jack: Jack Dorsey, Square (and Twitter co-founder)
    How could Jack Dorsey not top our list? Dorsey replies to customer tweets, and posts inspirational quotes and personal updates to show his personality to fans.
  2. @charleneli: Charlene Li, Altimeter Group
    Analyst and best-selling author, Charlene Li isn’t afraid to interact with her followers. Her direct email and phone number are listed on her page, showing her eagerness to get a conversation started.
  3. @Benioff: Marc Benioff, Salesforce
    Marc Benioff responds directly to client tweets and includes his email address to help customers solve their problems and build trust.
  4. @petecashmore: Pete Cashmore, Mashable
    Want to stay up to date on everything tech? Pete Cashmore tweets the latest tech stories and makes it a priority to add Vines, Instagrams and pictures to supplement his Tweets.
  5. @timoreilly: Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media
    Tim O’Reilly is in the business of news, and that is exactly how he uses Twitter. He informs followers not only about the news, but also about his stance on technology trends.
  6. @elonmusk: Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla
    Being the CEO of two major startups is no easy feat, but Elon Musk does a great job of promoting his brands equally across his twitter feed. Musk links back to articles that are important to his brands and builds relationships with reporters.
  7. @BillGates: Bill Gates, the Bill Gates Foundation (and co-founder of Microsoft)
    Bill Gates uses his Twitter handle to promote his non-profit, the Bill Gates Foundation, and to show his personality. Gates tweets out support for his favorite team and hometown and lets fans get a glimpse into his personal life.

Who did we miss? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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